3rd Party Mutual Funds

3rd Party Mutual Funds

Tradex members can purchase and hold a vast range of mutual funds through Tradex!

Advantages of Buying Mutual Funds through Tradex:

  • You may purchase and hold a broad range of top-rated mutual funds
  • No sales commissions and no deferred sales charges

    This includes mutual funds where you would normally pay a sales commission or deferred sales charges (front-end or back-end load) if they were purchased elsewhere.¹ As well, you have complete flexibility when you want to sell your units or move your money from one investment to another. No other mutual fund dealer provides you with greater freedom.

  • No account set-up fees
  • No transaction fees when you purchase and hold 3rd Party Funds through Tradex¹
  • No redemption fees
  • No RRSP/RRIF fees
    We absorb all of the costs of setting up and administering your registered plan, including self-directed (subject to sufficient relationship to cover cost) plans which can be set up to handle a number of different investments.

  • No transfer fees
    If you currently own mutual funds purchased elsewhere (at a bank, broker, discount broker, or mutual fund dealer) you can transfer them into an account at Tradex at no cost (we’ll pay the transfer fee on your behalf).

    How does Tradex cover its costs when offering this service?

    We receive trailing fees paid by the fund company to defray our costs. Since the trailing fees that we receive are already included in the funds’ management expense ratio, holding these funds through Tradex does not add to your cost (i.e., Tradex receives this amount rather than another party).

    For performance information on 3rd Party Funds visit GlobeFund.

    ¹Except as advised for specific charity-related campaigns, other campaigns or venture capital funds