Financial Articles

Below you will find articles written by Robert Todd, a former Director of Tradex Management Inc., discussing various financial planning items. These articles were published in “On Guard,” a quarterly newsletter published by the Federal Superannuates National Association (FSNA)’s Ottawa branch. Other articles were published in Sage, quarterly national magazine for federal retirees.

Sage Magazine Spring 2017: Is Your Money Being Managed by a Robot?

Sage Magazine Winter 2016/17: Getting the Most (for the least) Out of Your Investments

FSNA Article 1: Tax Free Savings Accounts

FSNA Article 2: Registered Education Savings Plan

FSNA Article 3: Registered Disability Savings Plan

FSNA Article 4: Powers of Attorney

FSNA Article 5: Protecting Your Savings in a Time of Rising Interest Rates

FSNA Article 6: Approaching Market Volatility Calmly

FSNA Article 7: Tax Efficient Investing

FSNA Article 8: RESPs and Grandparents

FSNA Article 9: Inter-generational Transfer

FSNA Article 10: Financial Updates

FSNA Article 11: Living with Financial Repression

FSNA Article 12: Making a Life and Making a Difference

FSNA Article 13: Year-End Financial & Tax Planning

FSNA Article 14: Public & Private Responsibility for our Retirement

FSNA Article 15: How (and When) to Pass on the Cottage

FSNA Article 16: The Value of Financial Advice