Fee-Based Account

Traditionally, when you invest in a third-party mutual fund through Tradex, you pay no upfront sales commissions or deferred sales charges, and Tradex collects a trailing commission from the fund company that forms part of the management expense ratio (m.e.r.) of the fund. Tradex pays any annual account fees on your behalf.

As an alternative, Tradex offers access to a fee-based account that provides access to F series funds from over 40 mutual fund companies. Generally for F series funds, fund companies remove the trailer fee paid to dealers and reduce the management fee by the same amount. For equity funds the reduction is typically 1.0%. The fee charged by Tradex will be 0.7% + HST. This contrasts with other companies that typically collect 1.0-2.5%. The B2B Bank fee for this account is $200/year + HST and is paid directly by the investor (additional fee details).

Tradex FeeTypical Dealer. Fee
0.70% + HST1.0 – 2.5% +HST

If you are interested in our Fee-Based account, one of our advisors will gladly discuss this option with you.                                Contact Us