Tradex Investment Savings

The Tradex Investment Savings Account is a very competitive daily interest savings account. It’s a great place for you to “park” funds that you will need in the short-term or funds that you may want to hold for further opportunities.

Below is the current rate offered on this account (rate subject to change):

EffectiveInterest Rate
February 3, 20232.85%
December 14, 20222.75%
November 1, 20222.35%
September 22, 20222.00%
August 24, 20221.75%
July 12, 20221.50%
June 3, 20221.25 %
April 18, 20221.00%
September 15, 20200.15%
August 26, 20200.20%
August 8, 20200.25%
April 15, 20200.30%
March 23, 20200.45%
March 10, 20200.75%


  • The deposits are held in trust at Manulife Bank of Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial, one of Canada’s largest financial institutions.
  • Through Manulife Bank of Canada, deposits in Tradex Investment Savings are eligible for CDIC insurance coverage of up to $100,000 per depositor per insured category in accordance with CDIC rules and regulations.
  • There in no minimum required balance and there are no service fees.
  • You earn full interest on every dollar you hold in a Tradex Investment Savings Account for each day the money is in the account.
  • Electronic transfers between your established bank account and this account are available, subject to a maximum 2-business day notice, upon your telephone or e-mail instructions.
  • Tradex also offers U.S. dollar savings account options through other institutions.

You wish to become a Tradex member ? A Tradex advisor will be happy to help you.