Financial Advice

At Tradex, we seek to establish a long-lasting relationship of personalized and professional financial advice. Our advisors are salaried and have combined experience of over 80 years in the investment industry. Part of our counsel and guidance includes custom tailored portfolios and retirement forecasts.

By working with a Tradex advisor you can

  • Accumulate greater wealth through better savings behaviour
  • Select tax-efficient investments
  • Maintain a long-term investment strategy
  • Protect against poor financial decisions
  • Avoid emotional investing habits

Mutual funds provide easy access to innovative solutions managed by highly trained investment professionals, while protecting investor interests. They can fulfill the needs of any investor portfolio, from the smallest investment accounts to the most affluent households.

When you purchase a mutual fund, you not only buy the product, but also the financial know-how of the portfolio manager. Managers that use an active management philosophy invest in a manner that is different than the benchmark, with the goal of outperforming the benchmark. An actively managed fund can provide substantial value and help differentiate investor portfolios.

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