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Guaranteed Investment Certificate through Tradex

Are you looking to reduce your overall portfolio risk and enjoy consistent returns? An attractive addition to your investment portfolio, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) offers a positive rate of return, ensuring that your principal is safe and secure at all times. Due to their flexible terms, from several months to several years, GICs  are a powerful option for balancing your short, medium or long-term investment goals.

Interested in purchasing a GIC in Ottawa? Get a quote from Tradex before you finalize your transaction. We distribute GICs for a number of banks and trust companies, and can usually obtain a considerably better rate than what you can get at the major banks.

GICs are eligible for CDIC insurance coverage through the institutions listed below, up to $100,000 per depositor per insured category in accordance with CDIC rules and regulations. We distribute GICs in Ottawa from the following institutions:

  • Manulife Bank of Canada
  • B2B Bank (a subsidiary of Laurentian Bank of Canada)
  • Home Trust Company & Home Bank
  • Equitable Bank
  • Effort Trust

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